Digital Signer software features

Digital Signer software is packed with rich features like multiple signatures, invisible signature, PDF Encryption, Timestamping, and more.

Digital Signer Features

DSC Signature Software

Hardware Devices

Sign using DSC/USB Token/ePass/mToken / Digital Signature file. Use predefine PIN/Password.

PFX certificate

PFX File

Sign using PFX digital file. Use predefine PIN/Password.

store certificate
X.509 Certificates

Sign using X.509 digital certificates file. Use predefine PIN/Password.

store certificate
Personal Key

Sign using Personal Key digital file. Use predefine PIN/Password.

PDF encryption

PDF Encryption

Support Encrypted PDF files.

Decrypted PDF

PDF Decryption

Support password protected PDF files.



Secure, Trusted Timestamping for long term signatures validation.

Invisible Digital Signature

Invisible Signature.

Support Invisible Signature.

Digital Signature algorithm

Secure Algorithm

Support Multiple SH1 / SHA-256 / SHA-512 algorithm for strong and robust security.



Support LTV Enabled.

Digital Signature

Signature Text

Input Custom Signature Text.

Digital Signature

Signature Image

Add Custom Signature Image.

Digital Signature batch processing

Batch Processing

Batch Mode (to work on the folder and apply the signature on multiple pdf)

Digital Signature Validation

Sign Validation

Check validate Signature.

Digital Signature Design

Stunning Design

User-friendly design.

Digital Signature Adobe

Acrobat Compatibility

Fully Adobe compatibility.

Digital Signature Multiple Signature

Multiple Signature

Support adds Multiple Signature.

Sign PDF

Signing Methods

Support multiple signing methods.

Digital Signature update


Free version updates. No cost for the new version, No version based licensing.

Digital Signature PIN and password

Predefine PIN/Password.

Predefine PIN/Password for hardware devices.

Color Digital Signature

Color Scheme

Multiple colour scheme Colourful, Classic, Dark Mode

Digital Signature lightweight

Light Weight

Less than 10 MB setup size

Fast Digital Signature

Lighting Fast

Best for bulk PDF signature.

Digital Signature Server

Timestamp Server

Added free list of the timestamping server. Easy to switch timestamp server.

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